Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in the game

New longest run ever! I went out for a 9-mile run tonight, planning on taking regular walk breaks and going easy. Since I have a 10k next weekend I decided I would run the first 6-6.5 miles straight, then take a break. After about 4 miles I felt really good and the running was coming really easily so I started thinking I could run the whole thing without stopping (my previous long run with no walking was 8 miles). The miles kept ticking by and before I knew it I had hit 6.5. I kept going and was able to run the whole way! I even ran to the car after hitting 9 miles, for a total of 9.1. I had the usual minor aches and pains but overall I felt pretty good afterward. Strangely I did not need to drink or eat anything while running for almost 2 hours.

I am feeling very optimistic about the OBX half marathon. Previously I had been worried due to my lack of miles and long runs lately. I am trying to balance recovery/injury prevention with maintaining distance and cardio endurance but it hasn't been easy. I was also sick with a bad cold for about 2 weeks which has limited my exercising as I got a wheezing cough every time I ran. But now with 3 weeks to go I finally got a good long run under my belt. If it hadn't gotten too dark I would have kept going for another mile or two. Hubby said to write down everything that could have contributed to having such a great run after almost 5 weeks without a long run...

- Had two days of rest with no exercise
- Previous exercise in the week: Sunday - 25 min elliptical and 45 min treadmill walking hills, Monday - 50 min bike, Tuesday - 4 miles speed intervals (6-7mph)
- Ate 2500+ calories the past two days (usually eat around 1500 a day, my BMR is around 2200) including a lot of junk food which I don't normally eat
- Slept 7ish hours the past two nights
- Pre-run snack: Powerbar performance bar
- Food previously eaten in the day: english muffin with peanut butter, cheese manicotti, 100 calorie pringles, sugar free pudding
- Fluid previously ingested in the day: 6 cups H2O, 1 diet coke
- Temperature was around 60 at the start, around 52 at the end
- Wore Reebok running capris and Reebok running tank top

Hopefully I can repeat all this before the OBX half!

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