Sunday, May 6, 2012

Running Bliss!

This past week we have been on vacation in California (San Fran/Napa) and Oregon (Eugene). It was a crazy week! The best part was all of the running we got to do; due to our conflicting work schedules we are never able to run together so it was heaven getting in some awesome runs with hubs!

Overlooking the running path behind our hotel

Excited to run in the beautiful California sunshine! Unaware of how hot/tired/sweaty I would be 7 miles later :)

Running next to the Willamette River in Eugene

Before our long run! Huddling for warmth :)

Hayward Field, University of Oregon - our Alma Mater

Two weeks till Rock n Roll will be our first race together in over a year, I am so excited! Hubs will be starting a new position tomorrow and will have weekends off, we are making all sorts of race plans for the summer :)

Do you like to race with your spouse/significant other? I love it!

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