Sunday, April 25, 2010

"the change"

I had two signs this week that I am slowly changing into a real runner. The first happened a few days ago. When I first started running my running partner said she would eventually like to do a half-marathon, and I remember thinking I would never want to do that. Within a few weeks, we were planning our first half. I knew for sure though that I would NEVER need or want to do a full marathon. Well imagine my surprise when earlier this week the thought of finishing a full marathon entered the realm of possibility. And I looked online and found one I could actually try, 2 months after our half. Dare I dream it? The second sign happened yesterday when I was driving to the airport and I noticed a nice forest-y area by the side of the road and I thought that would be a nice place to run. I wish they had a trail there. I have never thought anything like that in my life! I always despised running and would never wish I had the opportunity to do it. I know these are small signs, but they still made me optimistic that maybe I can stick this out and actually be a real runner.

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