Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fitting It In

5k doesn't seem like that much. 3.1 miles. Roughly 30 minutes of running, or 50-60 minutes of walking. But, it's surprising how hard it can be to fit it into your day sometimes.

I work a compressed schedule (10 hour days, 4 days a week) and I'm in grad school, so in general fitting things in can be especially difficult during the week. Yesterday I worked 7:30-6 and had Zumba from 6:30-7:30, followed by dinner. I knew I wasn't going to feel like running after dinner, and I also didn't feel like getting up at 5:30 to run before work.

I am incredibly fortunate to work from home, so my solution was to break up the 5k and do it on my work breaks. I ran 1.35 miles on my 15 minute break in the morning, and ran 1.75 miles on my lunch. I spent some time stretching and foam rolling and ran out of time to shower, so I sat on a towel in my office chair until my afternoon break when I could rinse off before putting on my Zumba clothes.

I have no idea how you moms out there do it, I couldn't imagine working a full day, fitting in workouts, and also taking care of kids. You are all amazing!

How do you find ways to fit it in?


  1. Congrats on finding a way to squeeze it in with the long days! I am one of those busy moms. I used to run a bit on the treadmill when the kids watched a movie if I couldn't get out before they were up. Situation has changed a bit and I have some relatives near by, so I am fortunate to get out to run more often. It's hard to streak!

    1. Definitely! That is nice you have relatives close by, I'm hoping having a treadmill in the house will make it a little easier when we have kids.