Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I had my longest run yet PPTT (post-posterior tibial tendonitis), 50 minutes of running, with walk breaks every 5 minutes.

I can't believe I am already back to running 5 miles! Considering I couldn't run for 7 weeks, and started out running 2 miles 2 weeks ago, I am pretty happy. My PT has cautiously approved me to start training for a set of races in July, and if my running continues to progress without issue I think I will sign up in a few weeks. This particular set of races has been a goal of mine for 2 years so I am hopeful this is finally the year I get to do it.
Fingers crossed it keeps going well!

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  1. fingers crossed for you! I was laid up with an injury for 6 months so I completely understand how eager you are to get back out there! Hooray for 5 miles!