Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seattle Marathon 2012...26.2 miles is no joke.

A few months ago hubs and I looked at the Seattle Marathon and kind of (really) wanted to do it. But, it was the day before my best friend's due date and I didn't want to be out of town when she went into labor. So, we found other races to do and put it out of our minds.
Then on November 6th, my friend gave birth to her beautiful daughter and we realized Seattle was now a possibility. However, neither of us had been training to run a marathon and it was less than 3 weeks away. We don't always make the most rational choices when it comes to running so of course it sounded like a great idea and we signed up.
Now, 26.2 miles and 3 days of the worst post-race soreness ever later, I have learned my lesson. 19 days is not enough time to train for a marathon. Also, running 2 marathons 6 weeks apart = not a recommended race schedule. I know some people are experienced long distance runners and have no problem with this. Less-than-experienced long distance runners recovering from injuries and a cold may have a problem with this.
But, we finished the race! And in the end that is all that matters. And despite all of my frustration, self-pity, anger, and tears, hubs never left my side. That is a true friend. There is a big possibility that I would have dropped out of the race if he hadn't been there with me.
So for now I will ignore the fact that it was my personal worst marathon time and focus on the fact that I have an awesome husband who will run 5 hours with me, then drive 3 hours home while I sit in the car stuffing my face. Love you hubs! 

Bundled up and leaving the hotel. It was 38* out.

Hubs snoozing in the parking garage

Ready to go! Blissfully unaware of the hours of pain that lie ahead

Hubs ready to run

Following the race - my giant apple fritter from Pike Place Market

Don't worry, I didn't eat the whole thing. I don't want diabetes yet. Or ever really.

We were so cold and hungry after the race we forgot to take a finish photo. This is a fake finish photo in our kitchen.


  1. I think that's one of the largest pastries I've ever seen!!

    Congrats on the finish. I can't even imagine trying to run a marathon that close together or with limited training. You are a superstar!

    1. Thank you!! And yes that is one of the biggest pastries I've seen/eaten! Delicious though :)

  2. RE: 5K a day challenge. Walking is definitely ok...just let me know if you are interested.